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  Our collection agency focuses on retrieving past due receivables. We are based out of Champaign/Urbana, IL. With 21 years of experience in the collection industry, our techniques and methods have developed into a system that effectively manages your accounts throughout the entire collection process.  Our process allows us to contact more people, receive more payments, and evaluate accounts to determine the best method for collection while keeping your organization’s goals as the top priority.  


Midstate Announcements
  New business in Florida
We recently became licensed to collect in the state of Florida.

Midstate Tips
  Have a Clear and Concise Credit Policy.
One of the main reasons for slow-pay or non-pay accounts is that the business has not clearly defined to its customers (and employees) the companyís credit policies. Confusion often leads to inaction on the part of the customer. And, inaction means that you donít get paid. Make sure that the payment schedule, payment date, and penalties for late or non-payment are clearly stated. You may even require the customer to initial the contract next to each of these important sections. And, always give the customer a copy of their contract for future review.
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Our business is turning your past receivables into profitable solutions